What do we do?

Simply put, the AR Vocal Agency provides specialist consultancy on vocals and top lines.

This includes –

  • Scouting talent to source the best suited vocalists/songwriters for our clients
  • Providing vocalists (featured artists and session singers, for a variety of live and recorded work)
  • Offering songwriting, top line writing and lyric writing, as required
  • A&R of vocals/top lines
  • Liaison between our clients and the vocalists/songwriters we pair them with
  • Overseeing the entire creative process, including writing, recording and delivery of the final vocal stems

Who are we for?

Typically our clients are electronic/dance artists and producers hoping to find the perfect featured artist for their music (whether for individual tracks or an entire album), or record labels looking for consultancy on one of their artist projects, or indeed across their entire roster.

However, our clients also include publishers, music supervisors, artist management companies and all types of music libraries. We are also frequently asked to source vocalists for a number of projects within film, TV, radio and advertising media.

The service is ideal for those who are time-poor when it comes to sourcing the right vocalist for their project, are frustrated with restricted access to a seemingly small group of vocalists and top line writers , or simply don’t know where to begin looking.


How do we work?

Our clients come to us for our exhaustive knowledge of (and close relationships with) vocalists and songwriters – from exciting up-and-comers to the iconic voices of our time.

Coupled with our ear for top lines, tenacity in sourcing the best possible talent for each project, commitment to providing a bespoke service for each client, plus our meticulous approach, we believe AR’s consultancy provides a much-needed service that was previously missing in the music industry. We are very proud to say that the AR Vocal Agency is the first and only of its kind!

Whilst we usually work on a case-by-case basis, we are also happy to work on a longer-term basis for anyone who feels that they may benefit from regular consultancy across the vocal projects or roster of artists they are working on.


How can I access AR’s Top Line Library?

We give exclusive access to our Top Line Library – the world’s only – to our subscribers. This means you can reach the library directly to listen to our available pre-written top lines.

We add new top lines to this on a regular basis, of which we inform our subscribers first and foremost. This is also the best way of keeping up to date with all AR Vocal Agency activities and features so subscribe now.


What if my project doesn’t fit into one of the services offered?

If you have a project with more specific requirements please do contact us directly. We’d be happy to help.


I am a vocalist/songwriter interested in working with the AR Vocal Agency

If you are a vocalist or songwriter who feels you should be working with AR we would love to hear from you! Please email us with links (not attachments) so we can hear your voice and find out more about you.

For those singers/songwriters looking for more tailored career advice we offer Skype consultations with AR founder Anna Russell. Please visit our dedicated Vocalist Resource page for more info, and make sure to subscribe to our various channels for access to a range of features designed especially for singers/songwriters.  


Do we work on spec?

No, we don’t. We believe we have unrivalled expertise and experience in our field, not to mention an extensive network of vocalists/songwriters. This network has been developed over a lifetime love of singing and a career that includes consultancy on a wide range of vocal and top line projects, including a ‘Best Electronic/Dance’ Grammy-nominated album. The value is in the results we deliver for our clients.


How much does it cost?

Typically, we ask for an investment of a one-off flat fee to cover our consultancy and comprehensive work across client projects*. This means we do not take a commission on any publishing or mechanical income generated by the songs/albums we work across, allowing both our clients and the vocalists/top line writers to retain the full income which they would normally be entitled to. In this way, we believe the AR Vocal Agency utilises the fairest and most effective business model for all parties.

Quotes are tailored specifically to each clients requirements following an initial consultation so please do contact us to book your call in now.

Please note there is no obligation to invest in our services on completion of this call.

*This differs when enquiring about working with one of our exclusive roster – if you specifically wish to work with one of these artists please contact us directly for more details.